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FLT caters high-quality audio and video transcription services for any individual or organization such as schools, universities and media companies. Transforming audio and video files into text files requires a very high degree of training, knowledge and quality control. At FLT, our audio and video transcription professionals are experts in providing accurate transcripts.

We provide high-quality transcription for many different video projects such as:-
  • Educational / Academic videos
  • Meetings, seminars and conference proceedings
  • Corporate training videos
  • Police interview videos and legal proceedings
  • Commercials and Music Videos
  • Films and Shooting scripts
  • Personal Interviews
  • Television Documentaries and Series
  • Sermon Transcription
  • Police Precognition Reports
  • Surveillance recordings
  • Home video recordings
  • Subtitling for Movies

FLT offers a comprehensive, high quality and cost-effective audio and video transcription service. We already cater for corporate clients as well as various medical, legal, academic and media institutions. Our professional team prides itself on working closely with customers to fully understand their transcription requirements. FLT assures you ease, speed and accuracy for your transcripts.